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Medical & Social Rehabilitation

Katalemwa Cheshire Home offers a comprehensive range of medical rehabilitation services, encompassing therapeutic services, orthopaedic management, nutritional support, psychosocial assistance, health education, nursing care, and the fabrication and provision of assistive devices, community based rehabilitation (CBR) among others

KCH Team in the community Occupational attending to a client

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Therapeutic services

KCH provides therapeutic services to children with disabilities especially to children that present with neurological disabilities like cerebral palsy, hydrocephalus, spina bifida to improve their physiological functions and to enhance their independence; these services are also provided to children that have undergone orthopedic and plastic surgeries. Arrange of therapeutic services are offered at the center and in the community including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutritional therapy, speech and language therapy, mental health and psychosocial support.

In partnership with other Specialized Hospitals in Uganda, KCH enables children with disabilities to receive low cost quality surgical interventions including; Orthopedic, Plastic, Neurological surgeries and other specialized treatment like mental health care.

Surgeries and specialized clinics

Community Based Rehabilitation

Because we know that Increased community participation can lead to improved health, wellbeing and quality of life outcomes for persons with disabilities and their care givers, KCH uses CBR as an approach to sustain its services in the communities and demystify the negative attitudes and beliefs associated with disability in these communities. This approach also decreases care and support costs in the long-term for people living with mild-to-moderate disability.

Through this approach we enhance capacities of community people, leaders and structures including Health facilities, education centers/ institutions, community DPOS, Local NGOs, local council structures, District local Government to provide quality services to persons with disabilities and also mainstream disability in their programing. KCH engages the community through Outreaches & Homebased Care

KCH provides continuous trainings to children, youth and their care givers in disability related issues including disability management and rehabilitation care; the health workers work hand in hand with children and their caregivers to build their capacities to continue with the rehabilitation process in their communities. These capacity building trainings also enhances the decision-making powers of children with disabilities and their caregivers enabling them counteract challenges posed by disability including myths and beliefs. These trainings are organized for clients both at the Center and Community.

Health Education and Psychosocial support


KCH Orthopedic Workshop

Tricycle wheelchair

KCH Orthopedic Workshop

KCH Orthopedic Workshop

Fabrication of assistive devices

To complement the therapeutic and surgical interventions provided, KCH fabricates, fits and modifies assistive devices to suit the needs of children and adults with disabilities. KCH orthopedic workshop fabricates a wide range of appliances including; wheelchairs, tricycles, crutches among others

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Introducing the Mark II Wheelchair


Katalemwa Cheshire home is introducing a new wheelchair designed and developed by orthopedic technicians.


Partnerships & Networks

To KCH, working in collaboration produces more effective and sustainable solutions to the underlying challenges in disability work; we establish and build partnerships likeminded Organizations to extend our services to Children with disabilities across the country and contribute to good sector practices. As a strategic partner of Liliane Fund in Uganda we coordinated a network of 22 local partner organizations implementing the Child Empowerment Program (CEP).

Acquiring skills

Livelihood & Economic Empowerment

The causes of extreme poverty among persons with disabilities are multiple including; lack of access to education resulting to lack of skills required by the job market. KCH acknowledges the need for financial inclusion of people with disabilities and their caregivers to increase their productivity and participation in community developments. To bridge this gap, we carried engage Youth with disabilities and their caretakers in a number livelihood activities including;

  • Conducting trainings in financial literacy
  • Vocational training for youth with disabilities
  • Facilitation the establishments of saving and loan associations youth and caregivers of persons with disabilities
  • Provision of startup/ seed grants to youth with disabilities for income generating projects

Inclusive Education Support

Over the years, KCH directs its efforts in addressing the existing gaps and barriers to inclusive education for children with disabilities in Uganda. Our inclusive education program contributes to the increasing number of children with disabilities enrolled, retained and completing both formal and informal education in Uganda in the recent years. KCH focuses on supporting effective teaching and learning, child participation and ensuring access to an inclusive and safe learning environment; we work with teachers, parents, communities, local and national leaders and partners. A number of activities are caried out to this effect including;

  • Conducting trainings and meetings with the school communities on disability related issues
  • Modification/ adaptation of the school environment
  • Provision of assistive devices including learning materials

Annually KCH supports 700+ children with disabilities at different levels from pre- primary to Tertiary/ university level with fees/tuition, learning materials and personal requirements.


KCH conducts advocacy activities both at the National and local levels using a number of strategies including, media engagements, stakeholder meetings, and supporting our local partner organizations to conduct some Advocacy activities among others.